Limb (2019) for viola & orchestra

Premiere: 10th March 2019, Sheffield Cathedral (Hallam Sinfonia - Maria Do Vale Antunes, soloist) 

Commissioned by Hallam Sinfonia for the finale to the Classical Sheffield ‘Future Makers’ festival. Funded by Classical Sheffield, Hallam Sinfonia and the British Viola Society

Expel (2018) for solo flute

A one-breath piece commissioned by Kathryn Williams
Premiere: The Crescent Community Venue, York 25.2.19 (Kathryn Williams - flute)

Purge (2018) for solo flute

1st movement from a Suite for Wind  called 'Melodrama' composed collaboratively by Platform 4, performed by Ensemble 360
Premiere:  St Matthew's Church, Sheffield (Kathryn Williams - solo flute)
Commissioned by Music in the Round for the Sheffield Chamber Music  Festival 2018

Mimesis (2018) for piano & percussion
Premiere:  Upper Chapel, Sheffield 20.4.18 (Passepartout Duo) 

(2017) for four voices and castanets
Premiere:  No Bounds Festival 2017, Non Conformist Chapel, Sheffield 14.10.17 (Platform 4) 

(2017) for flute choir

Premiere: Winter Gardens, Sheffield October 2017 (Sheffield Flute Choir)
Commissioned by Sheffield Flute Choir for performance during the Classical Sheffield Weekend
Available to order: Tetractys Publishing (also for low flutes)

Focus Pull (2017) for string quartet 

Premiere: Crucible Studio Theatre, Sheffield (Ensemble 360) 08.05.17
Commissioned by Music in the Round for performance as part of the May Festival (Russia in the Round 2017)

Hooting, not Drinking (revised 2017) for solo flute (doubling Alto) with blown bottles & flutes ensemble
Premiere: Sheffield Cathedral Lunchtime Recital 03.02.17 (Platform 4 & Sheffield Flute Choir) Rachel Shirley - flute solo

Bottled Up (2016) for flexible ensemble
Premiere: Bank Street Arts, Sheffield (Platform 4, Drinking & Hooting event)

Hooting, not Drinking (2016) for Solo Flute (doubling Alto) & Blown Bottles
Premiere: Bank Street Arts, Sheffield (Platform 4, Drinking & Hooting event, Rachel Shirley - flute solo)

Teeter (2016) for low strings
Premiere: Firth Hall, Sheffield March 2016 (Platform 4)

[S]pan (2015) for flexible ensemble
Premiere: Winter Gardens, Sheffield October 2015 (Platform 4)

Lament (2015) cello solo (with off-stage viola, double bass & voices)
Premiere: St John Baptist Church, Dronfield 3rd July 2015 (Charlie Hardwick & Platform 4)

Sanctum (2013) piano & flexible ensemble
Premiere: St Paul's Hall, Huddersfield (Philip Thomas & Platform 4)

[S]urge (2012) horns (2) & flexible string ensemble
Premiere: Ecclesall Parish Church, Sheffield 20112 (Platform 4)

Desire Lines (2011) piano, six hands
Premiere: Shirley House, Sheffield 2011 (Platform 4)

Self Portrait (2009) fl, ob, cl, perc, pno, hp, mand, gui, vln, vla, vc, db.
Premiere: Musiekgebouw aan’t IJ , Amsterdam 19.11.09 (Nieuw Ensemble): broadcast live on Dutch National Radio
Second performance: Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 23.11.09 (Nieuw Ensemble)

to break a young horse... (2007) string orchestra
Premiere: University of Sheffield 2007 (Elgar String Orchestra)

Nine Moving Pictures (2007) piano & string trio
Premiere: University of Sheffield 2007 (New Music Ensemble)

Fluxus Boxes (2007) Eb cl, Bb cl,, & wind orchestra
Premiere: University of Sheffield 2007 (Sheffield University Wind Orchestra)

Hot Flush (2006) string quartet
Premiere: University of York 2006 (Elysian Quartet)

Three States Of Mind (2005) flute & harp
Premiere: University of Sheffield 2005 (New Music Ensemble)