solo flute


Expel is a one-breath piece. 

It uses material taken from my flute solo Purge . 

It was fun to write and a great compositional challenge: how to make a piece which has recognisable content and a sense of drama whilst considering the very real physical limitations and implications of having only one breath to do it all in (one breath in and one breath out).


First performance


The Crescent, York

Kathryn Williams

Commissioned by
Kathryn Williams

Having performed my solo flute piece Purge (first movement of the collaborative Platform 4 suite for winds - Melodrama) at the Sheffield Chamber Music Festival in 2018, Kathryn asked if Purge could become a single breath flute piece. 

Read about Kathryn's one-breath pieces here: 



Available to purchase as a digital download. 

Email: Jenny 

Duration approximately 50" seconds