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"At times Hooting, Not Drinking sounds like a gang of robots trying to communicate with owls"

Nat Loftus, Now Then magazine

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Kraal: a corral, an enclosure (Dutch/Afrikaans)

As the sunlight comes and goes through the stained glass of St Marie’s Cathedral, leaving mushy pastel stains on the stone arches, Sheffield-based composer Jenny Jackson premieres her latest commission, Kraal.

Hundreds of singers, all in black, have physically surrounded us, showing us their backs. So begins a gigantic musical version of Chinese whispers, where pitch and rhythm is passed in both directions around the circle. Music flows back and forth in a microcosm of human interaction; learning and building, changing and repeating. After rising to a pulsing crescendo, it fades to a whispered end. It’s the singers whispering to each other for once, not the audience. The listeners are corralled but the music is not a fence; we are the air inside the bubble, the space between the ears.

Nat Loftus, Now Then magazine


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