New music: Bardo Henning


Kulturhaus Centre Bagatelle, Berlin, Germany

18:30 UTC

Nugs (2021) - first performance (Winner of XelmYa Call for Scores 2021)


Sylvia Hinz - Contrabass Recorder)

Freddi Börnchen (Cor Anglais)

George Kokkinaris (Double Bass)


24.06.22 Ian Pace performed Pacemaker as part of his 2022 Beethoven cycle series.:

Ian Pace continues his 2022 Beethoven cycle with a performance of the Eroica symphony, in the rarely performed transcription for solo piano by Franz Liszt. The symphony is complemented by two notorious works of 'transcendental virtuosity' by Alkan and Skryabin in the first half of the concert, alongside more recent works by James Dillon, Camden Reeves and Jenny Jackson, whose Pacemaker (2021) similarly explores the limits of a performer's technical prowess, as they traverse pianistic 'trip hazards' against the clock. 

Ian broke his own record once again. The target time to beat is now 8:10 minutes!

20.02.22 Nugs (2021) for Cor Anglais, Contrabass Recorder & Double Bass wins XelmYa call for scores & miniatures & projects! Performance to be announced...

29.01.22 Focus Pull (2017) for string quartet selected in the Fall 2021 #FollowMyScore call for works; uploaded to Score Follower 

04.12.21 Pacemaker (2021) - first performance given by Ian Pace (piano), York Unitarian Chapel Late Music commission. Watch here:

22.11 21 Mindstreams (2021) for alto flute, viola & harp published by Tetractys Publishing. Available to purchase here:

13.11.21 Motormouth & Chatty Kathy  (2021) for viola duo awarded 3rd prize in the 2021 Tallā Rouge International Composer Competition.