Platform 4 (Tom James, Tom Owen, Jenny Jackson and Chris Noble) are a Sheffield-based composer collective. Their focus is two-fold; producing and performing an exciting body of original work, and collaborating with a broad range of artists from other disciplines. 


Music in the Arts Tower event (Platform 4 & Lorenzo Prati) March 2023 - University of Sheffield Arts Tower

We are keen to collaborate on new projects: please contact us to discuss an idea! Email: 

Past commissions include Melodrama - a short suite for wind instruments, composed collaboratively by Platform 4, commissioned by Music in the Round and performed by members of Ensemble 360 at the Sheffield Chamber Music Festival 2018; and a collaboration with Passepartout Duo to produce four new works for piano and percussion, performed by them at a concert in the Upper Chapel, Sheffield.

Past events include creating new chamber works for Music in the Round: Russia in the Round festival 2017; a collaboration to create four new mini operas for Opera on Location; a concert of new music with flautist Rachel Shirley and a major collaboration with dancer Hannah Wadsworth and soprano Andrea Tweedale to produce ‘Embodiments’ – four pieces of staged dance and music-theatre. Platform 4 have toured with with Ffin Dance to perform a collaborative work by choreographer Sue Lewis and Jenny Jackson, and created an installation at The Hepworth with sculptor Gillian Brent. They have composed works for renowned contemporary pianist Philip Thomas, as well as presenting an innovative concert series combining all six Brandenburg Concertos with new works for the same instrumentation.



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Past events:

Friday 8th March 2019

Platform 4

'Breaking New Ground'

An eclectic and immersive event in which new and recent works are superimposed over an original electronic canvas.

DINA venue, Sheffield

Friday 26th October 2018

Platform 4 & friends

Performance of Terry Riley's 'In C' in the University of Sheffield Arts Tower  Paternoster lifts as part of the Sheffield Modern festival of architecture.

Friday 20th April 2018 19:30

Passepartout Duo

Four pieces for piano and percussion commissioned and performed by Berlin-based Passepartout Duo:  the result of an exciting collaboration.

Upper Chapel, Norfolk Street, Sheffield S1 2JD

Sun 13th May 2018 15:00

Ensemble 360

A short suite of pieces composed by Platform 4  for wind instruments - Melodrama - commissioned by Music in the Round for the Sheffield Chamber Music Festival 2018.

St Matthew's Church, Sheffield