Hooting, not Drinking


solo c flute (doubling alto) with blown bottles & flute ensemble

This piece was originally written in 2016 as a response to John White’s bottle-blowing piece Drinking & Hooting Machine (1968) which concerns itself with the gradual evolution of a continuum of sound from high to low. I wanted to write a piece that uses blown bottles in a more ‘musical’ way, by controlling combinations of high to low sounding bottles to provide a distant, harmonic backdrop for the flute solo. In this revised version, I have expanded the breathy bottle ensemble to include flutes, enabling a more colourful exploration of the sound world, and a heightened spatial experience.


First performance 


Channing Hall, Sheffield

  • Rachel Shirley (solo flute)
  • Flute ensemble - Rebecca Davenport, Abigail Ivall, Fiona Robinson, Helen Gibson, Carissa Honeywell & Laura Mella
  • Bottles ensemble - Martin Lightowler, Jess Jevon, Tom James, Jenny Jackson & Tom Owen
Performed at the Platform 4 concert during the Classical Weekend 2017


Available to purchase from Tetractys Publishing

Order here: Hooting, not Drinking

Duration 8 minutes

"At times Hooting, Not Drinking sounds like a gang of robots trying to communicate with owls."

Nat Loftus, Now Then magazinehttp://nowthenmagazine.com/sheffield/issue-109/music/

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