Motormouth & Chatty Kathy


viola duo


An animated and emotionally-charged conversation between two individuals who are so thrilled to be reunited that they struggle to avoid talking over and interrupting one another (in fact, the duo are so familiar with one another that they often finish each other's sentences, and it is difficult to know who is talking when). After the initial outburst, the conversation takes on a different character and there are moments of sensitivity and tenderness as they consider and reflect on past events. There is a constant underlying edge of yearning and regret, and a sense of frustration in trying to come to terms with past events.

Performance Note

Players are encouraged to interpret the given parts to present their own imagined narrative in describing the long-awaited reunion and the past events that are being discussed.

Duration 4 minutes


Motormouth & Chatty Kathy was awarded 3rd Prize in the 2021 Tallā Rouge International Composer Competition

Performance Score available on request

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