Beginner's Viola Group

Tuition and music-making in a group


...improve your note-reading in alto clef whilst playing a part in an all-viola ensemble...

Group sessions for adult beginner viola players (approximately Grade 1-3)

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We are taking a temporary break due to low numbers... 

Please contact Jenny if you are interested in joining the Beginner's Viola Group so we can  - hopefully - get BVG back off the ground! 

We were getting together once a month on Sundays, before the First Position Strings ensemble-playing workshop, but Jenny is considering other options, including weekly (evening) sessions. If you would like to suggest a time and/ or venue; please get in touch!

Are you relatively new to the viola, or have you been playing for a few years and would like to play in a viola ensemble but don't feel ready to join the Sheffield Viola Ensemble?

These short sessions will provide you with the opportunity to develop your viola playing and improve your note-reading in alto clef, whilst playing a part in an all-viola ensemble.

Ideal for for violinists wanting to expand their music-making potential, and for string players that have attended an Intro to Viola Taster Session. The group sessions will take place immediately before First Position Strings ensemble-playing workshops (

Discounts available for players attending both sessions.

Tuition and music-making in a group for adult beginner viola players (approximately Grade 1 - 3)

Are you interested in attending an Intro to Viola Taster Session?  Let Jenny know! 

More info here: Intro to Viola

Ever fancied playing the viola but not sure if it's for you?

Intro to Viola Taster Sessions give you the opportunity to try playing the viola without having to commit to buying an instrument, abandoning your current instrument, or finding a teacher. You will experience the practical side of holding, bowing and fingering the instrument, and get to know the basic principles of playing on different strings whilst reading from the alto clef. You will have gained a sense of what the instrument is like to play by the end of the session, and you may then choose to continue your viola journey!


First Position Strings is a string orchestra for adult beginner string players (approximately Grade 1 - 5). Workshops enable players to experience playing a part within a string ensemble and to practice the skills required for successful ensemble-playing.  

Sheffield Viola Ensemble logopngMore advanced viola players (Grade 5 upwards) may want to consider joining Sheffield Viola Ensemble, which meets Saturdays 10 - 12pm (monthly).


If you are interested in attending a Beginner's Viola Group session but are unsure of your suitability, or just want to know more about it, please contact Jenny:

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