solo piano

is a musical race against time.

The performer is instructed to play; 'As fast as humanly possible: under pressure, throughout'. There are metered passages for which the performer must set their own tempo. Other passages are marked 'Freely' and are dependent on a performer's ability to move from one event to the next as quickly as they are physically capable. There are numerous 'trip hazards' which are intended to make every performance challenging and to add an element of jeopardy, as everything must be performed under pressure and against the clock.

Before performing Pacemaker, the pianist must set an alarm to go off at the target time (no greater than ten minutes). Performers can choose to beat their own personal best time, or another performer's fastest time. The aim is to reach the end of the piece before the alarm goes off! (An arrested performance is equally legitimate as a piece of performance art, and is encouraged, however).

Duration 10 minutes maximum (see instructions)

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First performance


York Unitarian Chapel, York

Ian Pace

Commissioned by

Late Music, York

Ian Pace was the original 'Pacemaker', setting the target time to beat on 4th December 2021 at 8:31 minutes. However, he went on to perform Pacemaker again as an encore and beat his own time, producing an astonishing 8:17 minutes! 

Pdf / paper copy of the score available on request. [Please note: a paper copy of the score must be used in a live performance as page turns are part of the performance]:

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