The Official Pacemaker Rankings

Submissions to The Official Pacemaker Rankings can be made by sending an audio-visual recording of a complete performance of Pacemaker to Jenny Jackson for scrutiny and consideration.


These Rules must be observed strictly in order for any performance to qualify in The Official Pacemaker Rankings. You must:

  1. Reach the end of the piece before the alarm goes off.
  2. Use a paper copy of the manuscript (available to purchase from Jenny Jackson).
  3. Turn pages yourself. Any problems encountered due to inconvenient, frequent or physically awkward page turns are intentional and designed to contribute to the theatricality of the performance and to force a deliberate and calculated forfeit of time.
  4. Ensure all pitches are correct, where pitches are specified.
  5. Observe the number of repeats, exactly.
  6. Adhere to all specific instructions written within the piece.

An audio-visual recording of your complete performance is required for scrutiny and consideration as proof of duration, and to ensure that all aspects covered by the Rules are adhered to.

Please make sure that your video is no longer than 11 minutes (this includes any time necessary to set the alarm / stop the recording).

The total performance should be no longer than 10 minutes. The performance begins when the performer starts the timer, and ends with the last right hand note of Bar 369. The alarm may sound after this but will not be included in the total duration of the performance.

Please submit your audio-visual recording using this form: