The Official Pacemaker Rankings:

Pacemaker (2021) for solo piano is a musical race against time. Performers are invited to perform the piece as quickly as they are physically capable and must set an alarm to go off at their target time before the performance (no greater than ten minutes). Performers can choose to beat their own personal best time, or another performer's fastest time. The aim is to reach the end of the piece before the alarm goes off! (An arrested performance is equally legitimate as a piece of performance art, and is encouraged, however).

Ian Pace was the original 'Pacemaker', setting the target time to beat on 4th December 2021 at 8:31 minutes. However, he went on to perform Pacemaker again as an encore and beat his own time, producing an astonishing 8:17 minutes! For more information about the piece see the Pacemaker page on my website.

Top Rank (target to beat):

 Ian Pace 8:10 minutes


Overall Rankings...

  1. Ian Pace 8:10 minutes (City University, London 24.06.22)
  2. Ian Pace 8:17 minutes (York Unitarian Chapel, 04.12.22) encore
  3. Ian Pace 8:31 minutes (York Unitarian Chapel, 04.12.21) 1st performance

Arrested Performance Listings (interrupted by the alarm):

Submissions to The Official Pacemaker Rankings can be made by sending an audio-visual recording of a complete performance of Pacemaker to Jenny Jackson for scrutiny and consideration.

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